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Imagine a cyber security engagement where continuous measurement is the norm, customer service excellence is the standard and an outcomes based engagement is supported with guarantee’s.

Why @Vance Cyber Security?

Setting out with this philosophy five cyber security professionals searched for investors that would understand the opportunity of protecting customers with a relentless focus on keeping their environments safe. This became a reality through @Vance Holdings (PTY) Ltd an organization that believes in respect, honesty, transparency, integrity and with a drive for positive disruption in the African Market.

Atvance Holdings is an organization that places emphasis on social upliftment, empowerment and growth of the economy through positive entrepreneurial and social development.

@Vance Cyber Security (Pty) Ltd was established on the back of this partnership with the vision of a cyber defensive security service offering, focussed on delivering an unmatched and superior “customer experience” with outcome-based results.

With well over eighty years of global cyber security and customer relationship management experience across multiple industry verticals, @Vance Cyber Security is well positioned to make a positively visible and sustainable difference within the African market.

Culture is key, here are our values!

Customers are #1 and we have their back

Our experience by design platform ensures that our clients know they are always at the core of our business. We work smart, act fast and enjoy what we do, which results in a positive experience for our clients.

Determined, we make it happen, period

Our goal is to be the leading managed security service provider on the African continent, and that means we are a determined bunch of individuals. “We make it happen. No excuses. It’s in our DNA”

Collaborative and Transparent

Everything we do in our business is about collaboration and transparency.  Freely flowing communication from learners up to our executives is the norm to ensure that clients get the best out of their engagement with us.

Always remember to have fun

We could not say it better than Steve Jobs: “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Our Mission

Customer Focused in establishing a global orientation within the company to serve our customer’s needs and ensuring that all aspects of the business place customer satisfaction service first through the delivery and maintenance of effective customer engagement and service programs.

Deliver Operational excellence, by creating a workplace philosophy where problem-solving, teamwork and effective leadership result in ongoing improvement for the organisation.

Technical leadership, by developing, building and delivering superior products and solutions to our market through creative problem solving, with a continuous journey towards excellence. Focus on developing a growth mind-set within our team by nurturing current and future talent.

The Team

Alliance Director


Managing Director


Sales Director


Chief Technology Officer


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